ZOPFI training + development


International brands need to share and transfer their core values and corporate culture in all different parts of the world. With over 20 years experience we offer training and development solutions and support for companies who take on this global challenge. We make sure their brand values are transferred, understood and implemented, respecting local circumstances and possibilities. This way they can all become really part of the family, feel connected and become brand ambassadors.


sales training

Sales people have a gift. They have the ability to help customers buy your product in a way that is appreciated and that adds to the revenue of the company. But sales people do not always learn very well from their experiences. They often tend to look for reasons for failure that are outside their control. That is why sales people need to be confronted on a regular basis with their objective performance. Only then they can enhance their unique competencies and become really great sales professionals.

service training

Service is rapidly transforming in the salesforce of the future. Meeting up to expectations and try to exceed them, is what excellent service is all about. But next to that, service plays a crucial role in the sales process. In the service process, the next sale is initiated. So active selling, picking up buying signals and acting upon them is the challenge for service. This way they can become true brand ambassadors.

management training

For management making sure Service has all the tools to handle customers effective and pro-active is a serious task. Next to that, stimulating the Salesforce to focus on selling and nothing else can be challenging. But making sure that Service and Sales are two sides of the same coin is the operational management first priority to ensure customer satisfaction is guaranteed.